Ingeniu optimizes
the way you
Work. Collaborate. Decide.

Ingéniu develops customized software solutions to improve the performance of your engineering, design, and architecture teams.

Improve your performance

Our custom IT solutions will help you increase your productivity, improve collaboration between and within teams, and it will help you make better decisions.


Your team wastes time repeating the same tasks, searching over and over again for the same information and working with tools that are not optimal. This is both expensive and a drain on your team's motivation. Ingéniu is your solution.

  • Task automation
  • Process simplification
  • Specialized functions


Using many pieces of software and information dispersed over your network are a major drag on effective collaboration between employees and across departments. Ingéniu helps you reach a new level of synergy its custom solutions that bridge the gaps in your information infrastructure.

  • Intranet, rethought
  • Welcome to Engineering 4.0
  • Integrating processes


Everyone in your organization make decisions every day. Each of these decisions, large and small, influence your company's performance. Ingéniu creates tools so that from the boardroom to the field and from the design rooms to the factory floor, everyone may quickly make the best possible decisions with as much information as is available.

  • Business intelligence
  • Computer-aided decision-making

A personalized solution

From a simple VBA macro to quickly boost productivity to a complete integration of your different software applications, Ingéniu will be there with you from conception of your bespoke solution to its implementation. We will train your team so that each member can harness the full productivity gains of the new tools that add value to your business.


Developed in a few hours, a macro can quickly add simple but powerful functionality to your software (VBA macros for Excel, SolidWorks, Autocad, PDM, etc.)


A plugin (or addin) allows you to add more complex features that are seamlessly integrated in your software.


Unleash the full potential of your computer systems be allowing them to talk a common language and see your team's performance increase dramatically.

Our expertise

Our multidisciplinary team comes from the mechanical, design and construction fields and from experts in management and IT project development. Our team of diverse expertise allows us to understand your needs in depth and to quickly create simple and innovative solutions. This will assist in solving your problems and put solutions in place so that they can be adopted and used by your team, allowing you a quick return on your investment.

  • CAD

We develop using APIs such as SolidWorks, AutoCAD, eDrawings, Autodesk and many others.

  • Office

We create and automate your administration process using APIs such as Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Access, etc.) and the Google Software Suite (Drive, Docs, Sheets, etc.).

  • Web/Mobile

For all your needs in Rich Internet Application (RIA), Responsive Web, CMS (WordPress, etc.) and Web Services.

  • Mathematics / Algorithms

Opt for 3D recognition and reconstruction, optimization, artificial intelligence and operational research.

  • Integration, PDM, ERP

Read and enter information automatically on your PDM and ERP systems thanks to their different APIs (SolidWorks PDM API, etc.)

  • Management

Carry out your projects with our experience inIT Project Management, Agile management and change management.

  • Languages

We know the languages of your applications… VB.Net, VBA, C, C++, C#, Java, Python, JavaScript, Node.js, PHP, HTML and many others.

  • Design, engineering, architecture

Experience in managing 3D design teams and engineering allows us to understand your needs and create simple solutions to your problems

Reach another
level of

Ingeniu develops customized software solutions to improve the performance of your engineering, design, and architecture teams.

Testimonials from our clients

Our notes in Autocad are now synchronized at all times across all our projects. We save hours of copying and pasting each week.

Jérôme, Montreal

Ingéniu has developed a series of tools for us that help all those involved in a project, from project managers to designers, to know in real-time where we stand.

Julie, Boisbriand

Each time we contracted Ingéniu, they have managed to develop super simple and original solutions that very often we did not even believe were possible.

Frédéric, Blainville


© 2018, ingeniu. Tout droits réservés.

© 2018, ingeniu. Tout droits réservés.