About us

We are down-to-earth, multidisciplinary, and competent

A team to carry out your projects

Simplifying and improving your team’s performance is not a simple thing. At Ingéniu, our combined expertise will help you bring your projects to fruition, from conception to implementation.

We understand your needs

We draw from the fields of mechanical engineering, construction, IT and management. We understand your problems because we have experienced many of the same problems. We understand your field, its challenges, and what is needed to face them well.


Product management, software projects, Agile management, change management, innovation management: We have the necessary experience to analyze, direct, and implement your projects from zero to “WOW!!!”

Specialized developers

Apps, front- and back-end web development, databases, APIs for SolidWorks, Autodesk, Microsoft Office, PDMs, etc: We have the technical team to meet your aspirations.

"Ingéniu has developed a series of tools among other things for Solidworks, Autocad and Excel that have allowed us to reduce many errors and save weeks of work every month. Simple and effective, we wouldn't go back to our old systems for anything in the world."

Our project philosophy

See big, start small

You see big and that’s great! You want a product quickly and that’s great! But these two things are incompatible. Our incremental approach starts small and quickly delivers the features that bring you the most value. We then grow your product iteratively improving it based on your team’s comments.

Really simple

No matter how complex the software we make, it is always simple to use. It can be a challenge, but we meet it every time.


The biggest source of failure and frustration in a project is inadequate communication. We remain in constant communication with all our customers and quickly ask for feedback on our work. Sketches, models, and prototypes are the basis of our communication at all stages of development. We want to build your project with you and to your needs because we know that the more a project advances, the more costly it is to change.

Develop less

Your team has access to an enormous amount of computing power through the software it uses. We know the software and know how to fully harness their power with clever programming.

Building on the software you already use and integrating them has several advantages over starting from scratch. Not only is it much less expensive, it is also much more efficient. Reduce training time and user rejection risk with our adapted solutions.

Our goal is use

We go further than simply respecting a list of specifications and putting a system into production. From the very beginning, we think of Jean, Jacqueline, and Jacques, end-users of our products. They will have to adapt their work habits and, if implementation is to be successfull, actually enjoy using our product. We think of Sylvie who will do the implementation and support. And we think Marisol who will have to champion the project.

We love our work and want everyone to use it and appreciate it because we know that in the end, that’s what makes our success.

Reduce risk

Integrating new IT solutions brings its share of risks, both in terms of compatability with existing systems and because project specifications get updated over time. Our Agile, human-centred approach and good risk mitigation allows us to complete projects that bring you substatial added value.


Any project needs a good return on investment. We help our clients develop projects that truly create value for their business. We are transparent and honest about what can be done and what is not worth your expense. We regularly bring powerful solutions that our clients would never have thought were possible, or affordable.

Our expertise

Our multidisciplinary team comes from the mechanical, design and construction fields and from experts in management and IT project development. Our team of diverse expertise allows us to understand your needs in depth and to quickly create simple and innovative solutions. This will assist in solving your problems and put solutions in place so that they can be adopted and used by your team, allowing you a quick return on your investment.

  • CAD

We develop using APIs such as SolidWorks, AutoCAD, eDrawings, Autodesk and many others.

  • Office

We create and automate your administration process using APIs such as Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Access, etc.) and the Google Software Suite (Drive, Docs, Sheets, etc.).

  • Web/Mobile

For all your needs in Rich Internet Application (RIA), Responsive Web, CMS (WordPress, etc.) and Web Services.

  • Mathematics / Algorithms

Opt for 3D recognition and reconstruction, optimization, artificial intelligence and operational research.

  • Integration, PDM, ERP

Read and enter information automatically on your PDM and ERP systems thanks to their different APIs (SolidWorks PDM API, etc.)

  • Management

Carry out your projects with our experience inIT Project Management, Agile management and change management.

  • Languages

We know the languages of your applications… VB.Net, VBA, C, C++, C#, Java, Python, JavaScript, Node.js, PHP, HTML and many others.

  • Design, engineering, architecture

Experience in managing 3D design teams and engineering allows us to understand your needs and create simple solutions to your problems

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Ingeniu develops customized software solutions to improve the performance of your engineering, design, and architecture teams.

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C bonjour@ingeniusolutions.com
© 2018, ingeniu. Tout droits réservés.